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Ndeavours pairs motivated students with researchers worldwide to provide them an opportunity to get a first-hand exposure to academic research through a structured mentorship program, with the ultimate goal to publish a research product. For CBSE Students only. Read more...

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The world is changing and progressing fast. Education and learning pedagogies are also evolving. Institutions in general and Universities, in particular, are welcoming original ideas and students that can illustrate the ability to produce them. Research and the ability to do quality research will soon be a prerequisite.

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Frequently Answered Questions

Applications are submitted online (here). It is followed by a telephonic/online interview, which along with fee payment is the key determinant for enrollment in the program. We advise that students apply well ahead of time to ensure that a suitable mentor from their subject of choice is readily available.

The supervised research program pairs each mentee with a subject matter expert who is an early career researcher with a deep passion for teaching young minds the essence of critical thinking and independent research endeavours. The pair then works on a mutually determined research question that they answer by the end of the program. This research will produce an academic research paper.

An early career researcher from a top research institution from across the globe will supervise each research endeavour. Additionally, the students will benefit from the support of skilled professional editors and educational consultants through the program.

Each mentor-mentee pair mutually proposes a novel, timely, and pressing research question or topic. If it interests the students, they can work on a topic of their mentor’s choice as well. Students will also have the freedom to propose a set of topics they are interested in. These topics will be assessed by their mentors to determine the final topic.

Mentors can express their interest in participating in the program by filling in the application form (here). Subject to an online interview and their academic records. Mentor recruitment will be on a rolling basis.
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